Litigation Management & Dispute Resolution

Though most of our client services are designed to prevent disputes, sometimes disputes are unavoidable. In the event of a legal dispute or litigation, Asiatico Law will help you manage the process from beginning to end to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to resolve the matter in the most favorable way possible. We will engage litigation counsel in your jurisdiction and work with them to ensure they understand how the unique laws of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations apply to your case. We also represent clients directly in litigation from time to time, and we frequently guide clients through the dispute resolution process to avoid or shorten litigation. Our litigation management and dispute resolution services include:

• Contract and business disputes
• Employment claims
• Tax controversies
• Defamation
• Internal governance disputes
• Enforcement of property rights
• Intellectual property claims
• Will challenges
• Federal and state regulatory claims


Brooke Asiatico
Katari Buck

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