Nonprofit Formation & Governance

Asiatico Law will guide you through the process of forming a nonprofit organization and, once established, assist you in maintaining good governance practices throughout the life of the organization. During the formation process, we ensure your charter document (often called the articles of incorporation or certificate of formation) and bylaws contain the necessary language to satisfy both state regulators and the IRS and also meet your operational and governance needs. We will also assist your organization in establishing governance policies which will allow you to operate effectively and in compliance with applicable regulations and educate your directors and officers on their fiduciary obligations and industry best practices so they can provide meaningful oversight to your organization. Our nonprofit formation and governance services include:

• Formation and incorporation of nonprofit corporations at the state level

• Preparation and review of governance documents (bylaws, governance policies, etc.)

• Governance and board structure, composition, roles, and responsibilities

• Board orientation and training regarding fiduciary responsibilities

• Director, officer, and staff relationships, responsibilities, and delegation of authority

• Best practices for directors and officers, including conflicts of interest and financial controls

• Board meetings and corporate recordkeeping

• Regulatory compliance and annual reporting

• Liability, risk management, insurance

• Advice and assistance in creating affiliated nonprofit organizations


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